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MEC (Mediterranean Exhibition Center) has been operating since 1989, hosting numerous trade and consumer exhibitions, as well as conference, corporate, cultural and entertainment events. It is located at 301 Athinon-Lavriou Avenue in Paiania, Attica and is directly accessible via both Lavriou Avenue (No. 301) and the Attiki Odos (17th-Kantza). It has an exhibition hall of 12,000 sq.m. with prospect of expanding an extra 6.000 sq.m. indoor exhibition space as well as 35,000 sq.m. outdoor parking spaces.
The room is air-conditioned, free of columns and with high clearance height, it has comfortable loading and unloading entrances, fire protection systems, security lighting, loudspeaker installation, Wi-Fi, exhibition network (electrical, water, sewage) restaurant and telecommunication network.